Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Assam University Result 2011

Assam University Results 2011 Result of Assam University 2011 Result date of Assam University 2011 Result for Assam University 2011 Result India 2011 Result in Assam University 2011 Result Lists 2011 Result Links 2011 Result Sites Result Websites Assam University Result today Assam University Result declared 2011 Assam University Result through SMS Result Zone Assam University January 2011 Result Assam University February 2011 Result Assam University March 2011 Result Assam University April 2011 Result Assam University May 2011 Result Assam University June 2011 Result Assam University July 2011 Result Assam University August 2011 Result Assam University September 2011 Result Assam University October 2011 Result Assam University November 2011 Result Assam University December 2011 Assam University Results 2012 Result of Assam University 2012 Result date of Assam University 2012 Result for Assam University 2012 Result India 2012 Result in Assam University 2012 Result Lists 2012 Result Links 2012 Result Sites Result Websites Assam University Result today Assam University Result declared 2012 Assam University Result through SMS Result Zone Assam University January 2012 Result Assam University February 2012 Result Assam University March 2012 Result Assam University April 2012 Result Assam University May 2012 Result Assam University June 2012 Result Assam University July 2012 Result Assam University August 2012 Result Assam University September 2012 Result Assam University October 2012 Result Assam University November 2012 Result Assam University December 2012 Result B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Pharm / B.Arch. Result Architecture Result Chemical Engineering Result Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology (Special) Result Chemical Engineering with Petroleum Engineering (special) Result Civil Engineering Result Civil Environmental Engineering Result Computer Science Engineering Result Electrical and Electronics Engineering Result Electronics and Communication Engineering Result Instrumentation Engineering Result Mechanical Engineering (Marine Engineering) Result Naval Architecture Result Mechanical Engineering Result Metallurgical Engineering Result Pharmacy Result M.E. / M.Tech. Result Biotechnology Result Mineral Processing Engineering Result Chemical Engineering Result Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Result Computer Science Technology Result Pharmaceutical Chemistry Result Control Systems Result Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis Result Electronic Instrumentation Result Pharmaceutical Technology Result Geo engineering Result Pharmacognosy Result Heat Transfer Result Pharmacology Result Hydraulics / Coastal Harbor Engineering Result Power Systems and Automation Result Industrial Engineering Result Radar and Microwave Engineering Result Industrial Process Instrumentation Result Remote Sensing Result Information Technology Result Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Result Machine Design Result Structural Engineering Result Marine Engineering & Machine Handling Result Technology Forecasting Result Metallurgical Engineering Result M.Sc. / MCA Result Computer Applications Result Applied Chemistry Result Computer Science Result Industrial Chemistry Result M.Phil Result Applied Chemistry Result Instrumentation Result Geoengineering Result Ph.D. Result M.A Ancient History and Archaeology Result M.A Quantitative Economics Result M.A/ M.Sc. Anthropology Result M.A Rural Development Result M.A Applied Economics Result M.A Sanskrit Result M.A Criminal Justice Result M.A Social Work Result M.A Economics Result M.A Sociology Result M.A Education Result M.A Telugu Result M.A English Result MBA Business Administration Result M.A Hindi M.Com Result M.A History Result M.Ed. (special Education) Result M.A Human Rights & Duties Result MHRM Human Resource Management Result M.A Music Result MJMC Journalism & Mas Communication Result M.A Philosophy Result M.L.I.Sc. Library & Information Sciences Result M.A Politics Result M.Ed. Result M.A Psychology Result M.A Adult & Continuing Education Result Diploma Course in Education Result B.Ed Result

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