Monday, 18 July 2011

Utkal University Result 2011

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Phil in Analytical & Applied Economics Result M. Phil in Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology Result M. Phil in Anthropology Result M. Phil in Botany Result M. Phil in Chemistry Result M. Phil in Commerce Result M. Phil in English Result M. Phil in Geography Result M. Phil in Geology Result M. Phil in History Result M. Phil in Mathematics Result M. Phil in Oriya Result M. Phil in Personal Management And Industrial Relation Result M. Phil in Philosophy Result M. Phil in Physics Result M. Phil in Political Science Result M. Phil in Public Administration Result M. Phil in Psychology Result M. Phil in Sanskrit Result M. Phil in Sociology Result M. Phil in Statistics Result M. Phil in Zoology Result M.A./M.Sc. in Anthropology Result M. Phil in Anthropology Result Ph.D. in Anthropology Result M.A. in Analytical and Applied Economics Result M.Phil. in Analytical and Applied Economics Result Ph.D. in Analytical and Applied Economics Result M.A. in AIHCA Result M.Phil in AIHCA Result M.Sc. Bio-technology Result M.Sc. in Botany Result M.Phil. in Botany Result Ph.D. in Botany Result BBA Result MBA Result Business Administration Result M.Sc. in Chemistry Result M.Phil. in Chemistry Result Ph.D. in Chemistry Result M.Com. Result M.Phil. in Commerce Result Ph.D. in Commerce Result MCA Result M.E in Computer Science Result Ph.D. in Computer Science Result M.A. in English Result M.Phil. in English Result Ph.D. in English Result M.A./M.Sc. in Geography Result M.Phil. in Geography Result Ph.D. in Geography Result P.G. Diploma in RS & GIS in Geography Result M.Sc. in Geology Result M.Phil. in Geology Result Ph.D. in Geology Result M.A. in History Result M.Phil. in History Result Ph.D. in History Result LL.M. Result Ph.D. in Law Result Master in Computer Science & Application Result M. Tech. in Computer Science Result P.G. Course in Environmental Science Result P.G. Course in Applied & Industrial Micro Biology Result Master of Rural Development Result P.G Diploma in Yoga Education Result Master in Finance & Control Result M.B.A. Result Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy Result Master in Pharmacy Result Lateral entry into B.Pharma Result P.G. Diploma in Early Childhood Education Result P.G. Diploma in Chinese Studies Result M.A. in Women Studies Result P.G. Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS Result P.G. Diploma in Rural Development Result M.A. in Development Journalism & Electronic And Communication Result M.Sc. in Computer Science Result M.Sc. in Fisheries and Aquaculture Result M.Lib. & Inf.Sc. Result Ph.D. in Library and Information Science Result ME CSE Result M.A. / M.Sc. in Mathematics Result M.Phil. in Mathematics Result Ph.D. in Mathematics Result M.A. in Oriya Result M.Phil. in Oriya Result Ph.D. in Oriya Result M.P.M.I.R. Result M.A. in Philosophy Result M.Phil. in Philosophy Result Ph.D. in Philosophy Result M.Sc. in Physics Result M.Phil. in Physics Result Ph.D. in Physics Result M.A. in Political Science Result M.Phil. in Political Science Result Ph.D. in Political Science Result M.A. in Psychology Result M.Phil. in Psychology Result Ph.D. in Psychology Result M.A. in Public Administration Result M.Phil. in Public Administration Result Ph.D. in Public Administration Result M.A. in Sanskrit Result M.Phil. in Sanskrit Result Ph.D. in Sanskrit Result M.A. in Sociology Result M.Phil. in Sociology Result Ph.D. in Sociology Result M.A. in Statistics Result M.Sc. in Statistics Result M.Phil. in Statistics Result M.Sc. in Zoology Result M. Phil. in Zoology Result Ph.D. in Zoology Result B.A. Result B.Sc. Result B.Com. Result B.Ed. Result B.P.Ed. Result BBA Result BCA Result B.Tech Result M.Tech Result M.A. Result M.Sc. Result M.Com. Result M.Ed. Result M.P.Ed. Result MBA Result MCA Result

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